Episode 19 – Danny Kelly and Brian Glowacki

This week, we are joined by comedians Danny Kelly and Brian Glowacki, who host Cantankerous Podcast. We talk about things that annoy us, pet peeves, Danny and Brian Glowacki face off in a trivia game, we celebrate the music of the great Marvin Sease, Mike officiates a wedding and we announce that the Wicked Funny Podcast is no longer supporting La Croix!

Episode 18 – Dennis Mello vs. Nichole Auclair

This week, we are joined by the First Couple of Rhode Island Comedy Dennis Mello and Nichole Auclaur. We talk about Brian drinking at a comedy festival, relationships, Dennis and Nichole explain how they keep things romantic and we play a Hip Hop Trivia game. Then we have a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT ABOUT LA CROIX!

Episode 15 – AJ Hapenny vs. Ed Waugh

EPISODE 15 – AJ Hapenny & Ed Waugh

On this episode, we are joined by comedians AJ Hapenny and Ed Waugh who run Paperback Comedy in Cape Cod. We talk about a Comedy Hall of Fame, La Croix and Saved by the Bell. Then, since AJ and Ed are big fans of blazers and AJ is a huge Hall & Oates fan, they face off in a “Name that Hall & Oates Song” and 80’s Trivia challenge.

Paperback Comedy

AJ Happeny

Ed Waugh

Episode 13 – Alan Fitzgerald vs. Marie Forster (and Derek Furtado)

On this episode, we are joined by comedians Alan Fitzgerald, Marie Forster and Derek Furtado, who’s sitting in for Mike. Alan tells us about his job selling male enhancement pills and we learn that Marie likes horrible candy. Then we play a “Foreign Words” game and a round of “Wrong Answers Only.”

Marie Forster
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Alan Fitzgerald
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Derek Furtado
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Episode 12 – Steve Baker and Paul Rich

On this episode we are joined by two professional wrestlers Steven Baker and Paul Rich from Pro Wrestling Takeover. We listen to an an extremely high voicemail that Brian left Mike, we learn that wrestling is not “fake,” Mike (and Frank and Brain) become terrified, we play a great game of Wrestling Gimmicks and we all get smacked in the chest.


Episode 10: Derek Furtado vs. Ray Harrington

This week, we are joined by comedians Ray Harrington and Derek Furtado. We talk about dating, getting catfished and LeCroix. Then, we play a game of “Gay Club or Straight Club” and Ray and Derek get uncomfortably competitive.

Go see Derek Furtado September 7-8 at the RI Comedy Connection!

Derek Furtado
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Ray Harrington
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Episode 09 – Rob Greene and Andrew Williams

On this episode, we have comedians Rob Greene and Andrew Williams. They’re two of Rhode Island’s best comedians and host a great show called ROFL House at The Belmont Club in Fall River, MA. We talk about Brian’s love life, bringing bread to a concert, we play “Ryan Reynolds vs. Ryan Gosling,” we enjoy a game of “What’s News?!” with Mike Fahey and talk about Brian’s alligator.

Rob Greene

Andrew Williams

ROFL House

Episode 08 – Sarah Martin & Jessica Leigh

On this episode, Brian, Frank and Mike are joined by comedians Sarah Martin and Jessica Leigh. They talk about weddings, ice cream and Brian’s love life. Then, Sarah and Jessica face off in a trivia game, The Script game and we get a segment of “What’s News?” with Mike Fahey.

Sarah Martin:

Jessica Leigh:

Episode 07 – Chris Thomas and Alan Moreau

This week, Brian, Frank and Mike are joined by comedians Chris Thomas and Alan Moreau. Mike Fahey is absent from class again due to Fabio’s broken leg. We wonder what Mike does for a living and who “Broken-Leg Fabio” is. Chris and Alan face off in a “Wrong Answer” game and we all wonder what a basketball is.

Chris Thomas:

Alan Moreau:

Episode 06 – Jeremy Furtado, Eric Monroe and Aaron Collins

On this episode, Brian and Frank are joined by Aaron Collins, who is sitting in Mike’s seat as our Guest-News-Guy. Our guests are comedians Jeremy Furtado and Eric Monroe. They talk about terrible bands they like, Star Wars and play “Seagal or Not Real.”


Episode 05 – EJ Edmonds and Vinnie ‘Bad Lad’ Lopes

This week, Brian, Frank and Mike are joined by EJ Edmonds and Vinnie “Bad Lad” Lopes, the hosts of the “F*** Your Podcast” podcast. They play a bunch of games about food and super powers. Brian and Mike, the Master of Impressions, have a lovers’ spat about lists and learn how to use their words. They talk about the news and one of the guests win an amazing prize.


Episode 04 – Chuck Stanton and Brad Rohrer

Our guests this week are comedians Chuck Stanton (from the band Senior Discount) and Brad Rohrer of “The Chuck and Brad Podcast.” We talk about their podcast, shows, ice cream and Chuck attempts to take over the game and assign his own points.


Episode 03 – Katheryn Gironimi and Katie Arroyo

The guys are joined by comedians Kathryn Gironimi and Katie Arroyo. We talk about relationships, dating, Kathryn and Katie take over Brian’s Tinder profile, compete in a game called “Bag of Beaudoin” and we enjoy an edition of “What’s News? With Mike Fahey!”

Kathryn and Katie have a great podcast called “Reluctantly Here.” Check it out:

Episode 01 – Brian Beaudoin, Frank Gazerro and Mike Fahey

Comedians Brian Beaudoin, Frank Gazerro and Mike Fahey introduce the “Wicked Funny Podcast” recorded at RI Comedy Connection Studios. We politely request a sponsorship from La Croix, talk about local authors, food from stranger’s, Mike’s Famous Mac & Cheese Recipe, people who shouldn’t be allowed to live, we get a surprise visit from one of the owners of the RI Comedy Connection David Fiorillo and play a “Getting to Know You” game.